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Citizen Media: Fad or the Future of News?

February 12, 2007

The rise and prospects of hyperlocal journalism

You can read the complete research report on Citizen Media By Jan Schaffer, J-Lab Executive Director.

“J-Lab has been funding citizen media start-ups with micro-grants for two years now. We’ve seen how quickly committed founders can build momentum and gain traction in their communities. The findings in this report were less of a surprise and more of an affirmation of what we had started to see.”



Social networking sites top the list this year’s most searched queries Google

December 20, 2006

And this shows the popularity of Social Networking.Read what Google says.Social networking sites top the list this year’s most searched queries Google announced its annual Zeitgeist, featuring lists and charts of the most popular and fastest-rising global search terms that people have typed into

If you’re interested in revisiting this year’s top scandals, or learning who wins in a Suri vs. Shiloh face-off, or which sport is most popular – visit this page  to read all about what spurred people’s collective curiosity in 2006.T

his year’s Google Zeitgeist reveals the following trends: What’s hot: the who, what and how of what’s being searched Current events: top searched scandals, political figures and global regions Milestones: most searched divorces, weddings, deaths and births of 2006 Entertainment: what movies and TV shows were hot this year Sports: top searched sporting events, who retired and whose jerseys were most sought after Google representatives would be happy to talk with you about this year’s top Web culture trends.

Source: Google

Russians do in blogs what few can in media argue

December 20, 2006

MOSCOW, Dec 18: Free and open debate has become a rarity in Russia’s media which is mostly controlled by the state or business moguls.

In a country where three high-profile journalists have been murdered since 1991, many believe speaking out can cost you your life.

So many independent thinkers escape to a virtual space free of vested interests where anonymity goes hand in hand with a worldwide reach — personal online journals or blogs.

”In the West, you don’t need to look for some additional place where you can discuss politics, books, different events,” blogger and sociologist Ekaterina Alyabyeva said.