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Facebook breaks !!

May 1, 2010

I am seing lots of positive writeups on Facebook on the net. Use of Facebook crossed the use of Google in USA. Here is an analysis which is not so positive about Facebook. It says “When the web becomes “interconnected” with Facebook, it also means that when Facebook breaks, the web breaks.”

Read it, “Facebook as a single point of failure for the Web”.


Advertisements Interviewed me

July 13, 2007 interviewed me on the launch of You can read the interview here.

Ohmynews increasing its Citizen Journalists to one Lakh

April 12, 2007, the Korean Citizen Journalist site is planning to increase the number of citizen Journalists to one Lakh. Currently it has got 43,000 Citizen Journalists.

Last year, Ohmynews traded 13% of its shares for $11m from Tokyo-based firm Softbank. That money will fund the upgrade, as well as the creation of a Japanese version of the site.

“I want the OhmyNews model to go around the world, so the professional-centered journalism system becomes an interactive system between professional and citizen journalists,” said founder Oh Yeon Ho. More on San Francisco Chronicle.

Analysis about User generated content

April 9, 2007 published an analysis about the hot property of the wed 2.0 era – that is User generated Content. The analysis mentions about the success of Flickr, and sites Times article on User generated content.

US: Wired News and NewAssignment launch open newsroom

March 23, 2007

Wired News and have together launched Assignment Zero, an attempt to build an open Internet newsroom where professional writers and editors will work with citizen journalists to report big stories.

Source: Editorsweblog

Orkut in Hindi?

March 22, 2007

After starting Google News in Hindi Google is planning to introduce its social networking site Orkut in Indian languages. Hope they will replicate Google News in other Indian Languages too.


Google also intends to launch in India a mobile version of Orkut which will allow users to post messages to their friends online through SMS.

Google is developing with local vendors a simpler search engine, as well as content tailored to the needs of rural users.


Source: Business Standard


YouTube Case Study: Widget marketing comes of age

March 20, 2007

 YouTube Case Study: Widget marketing comes of age

The study is authored by Deepak Thomas [deepakthomas (at)], an MBA student at University of Chicago, and Vineet Buch, a venture capitalist at BlueRun Ventures.

Reliance To Start Social Networking

March 16, 2007

Wed 14 Mar 200: You’re reading this here first: ContentSutra has learnt from sources that Anil Ambani company Reliance Entertainment is working on a social networking portal that they intend to launch shortly.


Google Adds English to Hindi Transliterator in Blogger Editor

March 11, 2007

An exciting development for bloggers in India who like to blog in mother tongue Hindi but are more comfortable typing English. The new English-Hindi transliteration feature inside Blogger will let you type blog posts in Hindi using English Keyboards.

To use Transliteration feature, go to the Settings | Basics page and select “Yes” for the transliteration option. Now open the Blogger Editor, switch to the compose tab and click the “Write Hindi” button.


Malayalam bloggers against Yahoo Malayalam

February 20, 2007

Yahoo Malayalam published content taken from different Malayalam Blogs. They had copied recipes from ‘Kariveppila‘ a blog run by ‘Suryagayathri’.

See the post by the blogger and read the comments [in Malayalam] on it “Malayalam bloggers are united, they say.”

It has taken content from Malayalam Web magazine too.

Interestingly the content updation of Yahoo Indian language sites are done by Webdunia, an Indore based Indian company. After this issue Yahoo started giving credit to Webdunia for its content in Yahoo Indian Language site pages.

But Kariveppila is raising the issue, that recipes from that site is copied. How can any body write the recipe of Dosa, or Iddali in a different way. If that is copying Suryagayathri’s this post ‘How to prepare Wheat Laddu‘ is stolen from [link]

My point is that, on recipes the concept is owned by any one. But owned by the community. If Yahoo Malayalam is using the same word string [same word syntax] which Suryagayatri used in Kariveppila that is not correct. But the content what I read in Yahoo Malayalam recipes section is having different word string.