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Malayalam Webdunia shifting operations or shutting down?

December 15, 2008

The first Malayalam portal from Kerala,, has decided to stop operations in Kerala. It is believed that the decision is due to the rising concerns of a prolonged economic crisis spreading through out the world including the media industry.

The portal’s founder editor T. Sasimohan confirmed the closure decision, saying the company’s chief operating officer and president Pankaj Jain told him last week about the end of Kerala operations. Sasimohan joined as Editor of Malayalam Webdunia during 2000 November leaving his top journalistic position in Mathrubhumi, the second largest Malayalam daily.

It is understood that Webdunia Malayalam team in Trivandrum is not ready to move to Chennai. Sometime back Webdunia management team visited Trivandrum and revealed their intention to move the office to Chennai, since the team members were not ready to move the idea was kept in cold storage.

Now Webdunia Malayalam have to findout a new members to update their site. They have a small Malayalam team for their localisation work and Yahoo updates. So they will be able to do that. But with out a strong content leadership the site will be in trouble in the future. But the question is whether they are just shifting the operations to Chennai or closing down the portal?

[Remember the  webdunia  yahoo incident of plagiarism. – see more about that here, here and here – Content team created with entry fresh graduates and managed by people with minuscule or no experience in the area of content was the reason for that, I understand.]

Is the same thing going to happen in

Last week medianama reported that, country’s largest media house Times of India Groups is planning to lay off around five percent staff. In this lot Times Internet will be sending around 200 people out.


Can we go beyond Google Earth / Wikimapia

November 10, 2008

ISRO is working on a project ‘Bhuvan’ which will map the Earth using Satellite. This will show images up to 10 metres. The first prototype will be available by November.


Google Earth                                     Bhuvan

Zoom levels up to 200 mt                  Zoom levels up to 10 mt

Single layer information                     Multi-layer information

Images upgraded every 4 years          Images upgraded every year

No alternate viewing options             Options of viewing on different dates

Uses international satellites              Uses Indian satellites


Yahoo CEO Terry Semel Resigns

June 19, 2007

Semel was replaced by co-founder Jerry Yang, effective immediately. Susan Decker, Yahoo’s head of advertising and former chief financial officer, was also named president.

Semel, 64, has served as the company’s chief executive since 2001 and will take on the role of non-executive Chairman, the company said in a release issued after Monday’s close of trading.



The Coming Earthquake in Photography

May 7, 2007

If the change from film to digital was the equivalent of a magnitude 5 earthquake, the changes to photography in the next 10 years will be equivalent of a magnitude 10.

The Digital Journalist, the monthly online magazine for visual journalism, has been predicting many of  these changes for the past 10 years. In 1997 we stated that the days of the use of film were coming to an end. We also said that in the future photojournalists would no longer be shooting still pictures, but instead would be using video as their prime medium of acquisition.


How Newspapers are moving to the Online World

April 3, 2007

Exchange4media has got a two part analysis about the subject “How Newspapers are planning to use the new medium”. Many Newspapers are still viewing Internet as a non entity in the media spectrum.

I do not know whether they are not aware of what is happening in the Western World, particularly in United States of America. Statistics show that the revenue and advertisement of newspapers are coming down day by day and it is moving to Internet portals.

See the first part of the Exchange4media analysis.

Orkut in Hindi?

March 22, 2007

After starting Google News in Hindi Google is planning to introduce its social networking site Orkut in Indian languages. Hope they will replicate Google News in other Indian Languages too.


Google also intends to launch in India a mobile version of Orkut which will allow users to post messages to their friends online through SMS.

Google is developing with local vendors a simpler search engine, as well as content tailored to the needs of rural users.


Source: Business Standard


DD mobile TV running unannounced, funds for digitalisation delayed

March 20, 2007

19 March 200:  NEW DELHI: Though one mobile TV enabled digital terrestrial transmitter has been running for some days now, Prasar Bharati’s digitalisation programme has been pushed back because the Planning Commission has so far not cleared funding for the ambitious programme.

Senior officials are tight-lipped about the mobile TV programme, telling that the content is ready, but they could not comment on the programme unless the money was released, which they had expected to be done last week.


Newspapers should open up to programmer-journalists

March 11, 2007

As newspapers focus increasingly on multimedia and online, newspaper editors are hiring… computer programmers slash journalists. They can provide many useful tools and services, provided they integrate a newsroom full of often suspicious journalists.

This is the example of Dave Zeeck, executive editor for the Tacoma News-Tribune in Washington, who hired Aaron Ritchey as a “news programmer.”


Google and traditional media: in need of a compromise

March 11, 2007

As Google encounters increasing resistance from traditional media, it is starting to look for new approaches to deal with them. Traditional media seek to partner Google, but tread cautiously.
Google has effective business models and deep pockets but it must contend with copyright issues and traditional media holding on to their different advertising models. Even when it does get a partnership agreement, this doesn’t insure efficient cooperation with the traditional media.


Google Adds English to Hindi Transliterator in Blogger Editor

March 11, 2007

An exciting development for bloggers in India who like to blog in mother tongue Hindi but are more comfortable typing English. The new English-Hindi transliteration feature inside Blogger will let you type blog posts in Hindi using English Keyboards.

To use Transliteration feature, go to the Settings | Basics page and select “Yes” for the transliteration option. Now open the Blogger Editor, switch to the compose tab and click the “Write Hindi” button.