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9 Ways for Newspapers to Improve Their Websites

September 28, 2006

See what this study say on Newspaper sites.

“We took a long look at the features U.S. newspapers include on their websites a few weeks back. In doing the research, we spent more time than is healthy looking at these things. So we figured we’d use this new found expertise for good and offer the newspaper industry some unsolicited advice on how to improve their websites.”

Source: Bivingsreport


Local content key catalyst

May 30, 2006

Is the consumer IT overtaking commercial IT market in India?

The current IDC report on performance of PC market in year 2005-06 shows quite interesting developments in this industry. That the industry has registered a growth of 30% in overall PC shipments as compared to last fiscal, substantiates the huge potential India has for PCs. The fact that consumer desktops witnessed a growth of 33% vis-a-vis 14% growth in commercial desktops opens a new chapter in the evolution of the PC industry in India — signifying that PCs have started reaching the mainstream of India’s economy — the personal users. There have been several factors behind this silent change happening. And this is a combination of several factors initiated by key manufacturers such as HCL, technological changes and evolution of the digital lifestyle. In the lighter vein, some may attribute this growth to Bollywood brand ambassadors.

What one is seeing is primarily the beginning of a movement called the "IT Virtuous Cycle." A term in which there are three key factors in adoption of IT— increasing affordability, connectivity and content.

The first factor is the increasing affordability of personal computers. Combined initiatives by various players in the ecosystem saw HCL launch a PC costing less than Rs 10,000. Making the PC ownership even simpler, HCL led the way in discussions with key financial institutions to launch India's first attractive EMI based packages to customers. Today, around 20% of consumer PCs are sold through these offers. We have seen computers become more affordable and richer in features.

The second factor for PC adoption is connectivity. As per recent reports from Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), the total Internet users by end of 2005 were 3.85 crore — registering an increase of around 54% from 2004-05 statistics. Around 1 out of 8 Internet subscribers today are using broadband connection. It is estimated that by end of next two years, India’s Internet population will cross 10 crore — making India one of the most prolific Internet users across the world. We are seeing rollout of broadband connectivity across the country with telecom majors take fiber to the taluk level and further. We will see rapid adoption of wireless technologies such as WiMax that solves the hurdle of high speed last mile connectivity. PC manufacturers are tying up with service providers to offer PC bundled with broadband connectivity. Players such as HCL have already tied up with telecom vendors such as Airtel, MTNL and BSNL in this regard.

The third key factor is content or in other words the reason to buy computers. Today, both PC manufacturers as well as software developers are taking aggressive initiatives to enable PCs for multi-lingual applications.

Packages such as Multi-lingual MS Office, and other multi-lingual office automation packages being very widely available today and with the adoption of Unicode as a standard, one will have compatibility between different multi-lingual applications. These capabilities for multi-lingual support as well as development of Unicode applications will result in the evolution of local and regional language on-line content and software — thus bringing more and more customers closer to interact, learn and exchange information through computers.

We are already witnessing adoption of IT for citizen-centric services in areas like telecom, medicine, education, agri-markets and rural empowerment.

Source: Financial Express, Written by George Paul – The writer is executive VP, marketing, HCL Infosystems