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Malayalam Webdunia shifting operations or shutting down?

December 15, 2008

The first Malayalam portal from Kerala,, has decided to stop operations in Kerala. It is believed that the decision is due to the rising concerns of a prolonged economic crisis spreading through out the world including the media industry.

The portal’s founder editor T. Sasimohan confirmed the closure decision, saying the company’s chief operating officer and president Pankaj Jain told him last week about the end of Kerala operations. Sasimohan joined as Editor of Malayalam Webdunia during 2000 November leaving his top journalistic position in Mathrubhumi, the second largest Malayalam daily.

It is understood that Webdunia Malayalam team in Trivandrum is not ready to move to Chennai. Sometime back Webdunia management team visited Trivandrum and revealed their intention to move the office to Chennai, since the team members were not ready to move the idea was kept in cold storage.

Now Webdunia Malayalam have to findout a new members to update their site. They have a small Malayalam team for their localisation work and Yahoo updates. So they will be able to do that. But with out a strong content leadership the site will be in trouble in the future. But the question is whether they are just shifting the operations to Chennai or closing down the portal?

[Remember the  webdunia  yahoo incident of plagiarism. – see more about that here, here and here – Content team created with entry fresh graduates and managed by people with minuscule or no experience in the area of content was the reason for that, I understand.]

Is the same thing going to happen in

Last week medianama reported that, country’s largest media house Times of India Groups is planning to lay off around five percent staff. In this lot Times Internet will be sending around 200 people out.


Regular updates here after ..

September 20, 2007

Sorry, I was not able to update the blog for some time. Now onwards I think I can update it properly.

Analysis about User generated content

April 9, 2007 published an analysis about the hot property of the wed 2.0 era – that is User generated Content. The analysis mentions about the success of Flickr, and sites Times article on User generated content.

Google Adds English to Hindi Transliterator in Blogger Editor

March 11, 2007

An exciting development for bloggers in India who like to blog in mother tongue Hindi but are more comfortable typing English. The new English-Hindi transliteration feature inside Blogger will let you type blog posts in Hindi using English Keyboards.

To use Transliteration feature, go to the Settings | Basics page and select “Yes” for the transliteration option. Now open the Blogger Editor, switch to the compose tab and click the “Write Hindi” button.


This is about

February 21, 2007

I noticed  interesting features under I placed this post from Fleck tool bar in our page that is Click on the link below and see the features served by Usually it takes the title of the page as the link. But in this case I edited that later. – Online Portal

Malayalam bloggers against Yahoo Malayalam

February 20, 2007

Yahoo Malayalam published content taken from different Malayalam Blogs. They had copied recipes from ‘Kariveppila‘ a blog run by ‘Suryagayathri’.

See the post by the blogger and read the comments [in Malayalam] on it “Malayalam bloggers are united, they say.”

It has taken content from Malayalam Web magazine too.

Interestingly the content updation of Yahoo Indian language sites are done by Webdunia, an Indore based Indian company. After this issue Yahoo started giving credit to Webdunia for its content in Yahoo Indian Language site pages.

But Kariveppila is raising the issue, that recipes from that site is copied. How can any body write the recipe of Dosa, or Iddali in a different way. If that is copying Suryagayathri’s this post ‘How to prepare Wheat Laddu‘ is stolen from [link]

My point is that, on recipes the concept is owned by any one. But owned by the community. If Yahoo Malayalam is using the same word string [same word syntax] which Suryagayatri used in Kariveppila that is not correct. But the content what I read in Yahoo Malayalam recipes section is having different word string.

Forget Message Boards, It’s Wikis now

February 12, 2007

Forget Message Boards. Wikis are where it’s at
T-Mobile, eBay, others embrace tool as a way to connect with consumers

February 10, 07 : Marketers have added another item to the multichannel checklist: wikis.

A wiki, popularized by the community-created encyclopedia site Wikipedia, is an easy way for a group of users to collaboratively author content. According to Wikipedia, a wiki lets visitors “easily add, remove, and otherwise edit and change available content.” That kind of user collaboration is sparking the interest of marketers who are increasingly trying to get customers more involved and engaged with the products.

Marketing infancy

The wiki is in its early days as an external marketing tool, but the term has certainly penetrated the public consciousness. Wikipedia attracted about 165 million unique visitors in December, according to ComScore, making it the sixth-most-visited collection of web properties in the world, after such giants as Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Time Warner’s network and eBay. As of October, when Wikipedia last reported its stats, 158,000 contributors — or Wikipedians — had edited at least 10 times.

EBay has used wikis in its customer-support section, letting users collaboratively write answers to frequently asked questions. The NBA’s Dallas Mavericks announced a plan to let fans wiki every game using the same software as Wikipedia. And T-Mobile launched a Sidekick wiki that has produced collaboratively written pieces including tips on how to pimp out the inside of the phone and a wish list of improvements the community would like to see.

T-Mobile said the wiki is a forum where the Sidekick’s biggest fans can tell others how to get more out of the product and relay information that isn’t necessarily T-Mobile-related, such as how to create ringtones and find the best wallpaper. A T-Mobile spokesman said the company won’t edit out negative feedback on the product, since that is valuable as well.

Sidekick’s ‘official community’

“T-Mobile created a wiki to provide support for Sidekick fans, who are extremely social, tech-savvy and often fiercely independent,” Sam Bell, senior manager-marketing at T-Mobile USA, told Advertising Age in an e-mail. “We wanted to create an official community where fans could connect and freely share information.”

So how is a wiki different from a good old message board or corporate blog? Wetpaint, one of a few companies working to make wikis easier to use, said a wiki is a more sophisticated and easily updated incarnation of a message board. Message boards can be difficult to follow — the same questions are often asked in different spaces — and are only for the uber-engaged. A wiki stays more current and can end up involving more people. And because it relies on the wisdom of crowds, it can help marketers address the issues of most concern.

“A brand is a reflection of people who use the product,” said Kevin Flaherty, chief marketing officer, Wetpaint, and a former brand manager at Colgate-Palmolive. Wetpaint, which powers the Sidekick wiki, believes brands eventually will adopt brand-related “advocacy wikis” — for example, PepsiCo, which is launching a healthful-lifestyle push, could sponsor a wellness wiki.

Other marketers are trying to take advantage of wikis via Wikipedia — for better or worse. Microsoft drew fire for paying someone to edit what it called inaccuracies, while Cisco encouraged users to define its tagline, the “human network,” and the definition ended up on Wikipedia.

Source: Adage

Bloggers gain press credit

January 15, 2007

For the first time in a federal court, during the trial of US Vice President’s former chief of staff set to open next week, journalists won’t be the only ones to occupy the press seats. Two of the 100 press seats will be reserved for bloggers. Another step towards the convergence of bloggers and journalists?


Your rights as an online journalist: what will 2007 bring?

January 10, 2007

Experts in the fields of speech freedom and copyright law offer their opinions on what will be in store for online journalists in the new year.


Blogging could be the ‘new fourth estate’: Blogging India survey

November 28, 2006

November 28, 2006: Interesting observations about Blogging from MSN report on Blogging.
According to the findings of ‘Blogging India: An MSN and Windows Live Report’. Close to 45 per cent of the respondents believed that blog content was as trustworthy as traditional media. The study further says it is becoming the ‘new fourth estate’.

The study further says ” India’s blogosphere is heavily dominated by men – 76 per cent of its bloggers are male while women accounted for 24 per cent.”