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The Coming Earthquake in Photography

May 7, 2007

If the change from film to digital was the equivalent of a magnitude 5 earthquake, the changes to photography in the next 10 years will be equivalent of a magnitude 10.

The Digital Journalist, the monthly online magazine for visual journalism, has been predicting many of  these changes for the past 10 years. In 1997 we stated that the days of the use of film were coming to an end. We also said that in the future photojournalists would no longer be shooting still pictures, but instead would be using video as their prime medium of acquisition.



Delhi: Auction for over 90 FM radio stations soon

May 7, 2007

New Delhi, May 2: The Government is soon going to auction licence for operating over 90 FM radion  stations for which bids were not received in the Phase II of the liberalisation of radio.

Moreover, it has received 35 more applications for running the community radio under the new liberalised policy.

At present as many as 57 private FM radiostations are operational.

The Information and Broadcasting ministry would review the operations of the 250 radio stations which are expected to go on air by the year end, and then decide the time for bidding for the vacancies, an  official told sources.


Govt to bring Broadcasting bill in next session of Par: Dasmunsi

May 7, 2007

New Delhi, May 3: Minister for Information and Broadcasting Priyaranjan Dasmunsi today criticised themedia for indulging in ”human trafficking” by repeatedly showing the Shilp Shetty-Richard Gere episodeand said that a Comprehensive Broadcasting Regulatory Bill would be brought in the next session ofParliament.

Talking to reporters on the sidelines of a workshop on ‘Gender Equality in Indian Media’ organised by theMinistry of Women and Child Development to mark the World Press Freedom Day, Mr Dasmunsi said theComprehensive Broadcasting Services Regulation Bill has already been prepared by his ministry and isnow being sent for inter-ministerial debate by the end of this session. So, the bill may come before theParliament in the next session, he informed.

Source: Indiantelevision