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TV 18 to raise One Billion Rs

August 29, 2006

Most of our up country new age media companies are proactive and modern. They are modern in their functional style and modern in fund raising too. TV 18 recently hived off its Web division TV 18 Web. TV 18 Web bought the online site of CNN IBN from another sister company GBN and gave 15 percent of shares of TV 18 Web to GBN. TV 18 Web recently made some good acquisitions too.

Now TV 18 the parent company is planning to raise 100 crore [one billion] Rs from institutional investors. Indiantelevision reports


August 29, 2006

See this is another threat for newspapers. These type of novel sites makes people more net savvy and takes away the readers of Newspapers. Unless Newspapers these sites believes in Citizen Journalism which the contribution of Online media.See how the organisers of describes themselves.

“New Assignment.Net is a non-profit site that tries to spark innovation in journalism by showing that open collaboration over the Internet among reporters, editors and large groups of users can produce high-quality work that serves the public interest, holds up under scrutiny, and builds trust.

A second aim is to figure out how to fund this work through a combination of online donations, micro-payments, traditional fundraising, syndication rights, sponsorships, advertising and any other method that does not compromise the site’s independence or reputation.

At New Assignment, pros and amateurs cooperate to produce work that neither could manage alone. The site uses open source methods to develop good assignments and help bring them to completion. It pays professional journalists to carry the project home and set high standards; they work closely with users who have something to contribute. The betting is that (some) people will donate to stories they can see are going to be great because the open methods allow for that glimpse ahead.”

Economist too predicts death of Newspaper

August 29, 2006

The prestigious Magazine Economist presents yet another negative prediction about newspapers. “Newspapers have not yet started to shut down in large numbers, but it is only a matter of time. Over the next few decades, half the rich world’s general papers may fold. Jobs are already disappearing. According to the Newspaper Association of America, the number of people employed in the industry fell by 18% between 1990 and 2004.”

Why revenue is sinking:

  • Classifieds, once referred to as a “river of gold” by Rupert Murdoch are seeing their “river dry up” – according to one estimate, 25% of print classifieds will be lost to the Web over the next ten years.
  • Most newspaper companies still aren’t sure how to adapt to the changing media landscape, for example, they haven’t decided whether it is better to meld print and online newsrooms into one or keep them separate.

Indian context is different, but we can’t ignore this development in the western world.

Economist article

Who killed the newspaper?

More media, less news

Reuters Asia boss Chaitanya Kalbag to join HT as Editor-in-Chief

August 14, 2006

Chaitanya Kalbag, till recently Managing Editor, Reuters Asia, is joining Hindustan Times as Editor-in-Chief from September 1, 2006. HT Editor Shekhar Bhatia will be reporting to him. Reports Exchange4media.

Use of Internet by Newspapers

August 14, 2006

In India use of Internet by Newspapers is very low. Newspaper owners still think that Internet is another domain which they should not make use of. The main reason for that is, in India Internet is not a threat to them.All newspapers are jumping into visual medium now. The reason is, they think TV is a threat for their business. But during the initial days of Indian Television Newspapers thought that TV is not their cup of tea. So Times of India took a decade and a half to start a Television channel. So as the South Indian publisher Malayala Manorama.

But in USA Internet is a big threat to Newspapers. So studies related to these two forms of media are hot. Recently The Bivings Group, a Washington-DC based online public affairs company, completed a study that analyzes how American newspapers are using Web technologies on their websites.

See some highlights:

  • 80 of the nation’s top 100 newspapers offered reporter blogs. On 63 of
    these blogs, readers could comment on posts written by reporters.
  • 76 of the nation’s top 100 newspapers offer RSS feeds on their websites. All of these feeds are partial feeds, and none included ads.
  • Only 31 of the papers offered podcasts.

Read complete study here.

Posted by Harikrishnan P V

Reuters gets green signal for Times Global Broadcasting

August 14, 2006

Finally Reuters got approval to invest in Times Global Broadcasting Co Ltd. which owns Times Now Television News channel. Televisionpoints reports.Posted by Harikrishnan P V

‘Malayala Manorama’ news channel to air on August 17

August 14, 2006

Now it is official. Malayala Manorama’s news channel MMTV will be launched on August 17 which the the first day of Malayalam New Year Kollavarsham. [Chingam 1st, 1182]

Three hours of programming will region centric. One for North Kerala another for Central Kerala and the third for South Kerala. Rest of the time they will be having common programming. Exchange4media has a detailed report.

MMTV was advertising in almost all media related internet sites for the last two weeks. See a shot of the advertisement placed in sites.

MMTV banner on Media portals

 Other stories on this subject

Manorama News launch deferred to 17 August

Anil George appointed COO, Manorama NewsPosted by Harikrishnan P V

Asianet on Reliance Mobile

August 13, 2006

Reliance Communications has tied up with Asianet to provide news and other programmes aired by the channel on mobile phones. The Hindu reports.

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Mergers and Acquisitions in Indian Media scene

August 13, 2006

Now it is Pioneer. Pioneer is planning to offload 30 percent stake to fund its Rs 40 Crore expansion plan. More details are not known. But paper has hired a mumbai based Merchant banker Puneet Advisory Services for this. Reports Exchange4media.Posted by Harikrishnan P V

Reporters Without borders

August 13, 2006

Only recently i found this site, Reporters Without borders. Good one. Read what they say about them.

“Reporters Without Borders is an association officially recognised as serving the public interest.
More than a third of the world’s people live in countries where there is no press freedom. Reporters Without Borders works constantly to restore their right to be informed. Fourty-two media professionals lost their lives in 2003 for doing what they were paid to do — keeping us informed. Today, more than 130 journalists around the world are in prison simply for doing their job. In Nepal, Eritrea and China, they can spend years in jail just for using the “wrong” word or photo. Reporters Without Borders believes imprisoning or killing a journalist is like eliminating a key witness and threatens everyone’s right to be informed. It has been fighting such practices for more than 18 years.”Posted by Harikrishnan P V